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Rubber wrote: 21 May 2013 00:12 AM

Thanks to Gordy and Chops for all of their help,grateful,Rubber BGF !!!

Guzz wrote: 20 May 2013 12:19 PM

Well done on getting patched up Brian. Welcome to the big BLUE world. Great to see some of you guys through in Fife at the weekend too. BAFFBA

Louie wrote: 20 May 2013 03:32 AM

Congrats to Treacle on getting patched up.From the Leeds boys

Pnut21 wrote: 19 May 2013 02:41 AM

Wlcome to the big bad blue world brian minted cya soon bgf baffba

Zak wrote: 18 May 2013 10:47 AM

Good tae see yez awe the day, and well done brian on getting yer patches.. bgf

Zak Fife

Wee ellen wrote: 17 May 2013 09:05 AM

Thanks Hairyface for a great party on Saturday....and you can stil shit-kick auld yin!

Ha ! fae yer auldest mucker, wee ellen xxx

Jock21 wrote: 17 May 2013 05:23 AM

Well done brian on gettin ur colours. See ye soon bro. BGF

MaRIO wrote: 16 May 2013 11:12 AM

Good One Brian Coloured UP ...............BGF

Louie wrote: 16 May 2013 10:17 AM

Good on yer Brian,patched up and ready to go.BGF

JC21 wrote: 16 May 2013 09:04 AM

Congrats tay Brian on getting yer full patch BGF

Pascal wrote: 16 May 2013 05:44 AM

Congratulations brian from yer belgian brothers. BGF

Sammy21 wrote: 16 May 2013 04:30 AM

Congratulations on getting your colours Brian all the best B.G.F.

George (Fife) wrote: 15 May 2013 11:54 AM

Congratulations Brian on getting your patches.Well
done bro, all the best in the blue world. First rounds on you. WELL DESERVED BGF.

Pam wrote: 15 May 2013 11:18 AM

Congrats Brian, really pleased for you. BGF X

COMMON wrote: 15 May 2013 10:44 AM

Congrat,s to ya Brian on gettin patched intae the blue world well deserved B.G.F.

Rubber-Blue Angels- wrote: 15 May 2013 10:36 AM

Well done to Brian on gettin yer colours,welcome to the Blue Angels !!! BGF!

Tt wrote: 14 May 2013 10:41 AM

Ever considerd to make chapter in Slovenia?

JC21 wrote: 13 May 2013 10:42 AM

Minted night sat nt Henry happy birthday bro BGF

Henry The Rat wrote: 13 May 2013 08:36 AM

I would just like to thank all my brothers and sisters and everybody else that was there on Saturday night for a brilliant night,What a night ,Minted,cannae wait till ahm 65 !!! Hahahha Ma heid never stopped spinnin until Sunday night.

Jax morrison wrote: 12 May 2013 05:10 AM

Wit a great nte at Henry,s 60th birth day party ,,,,,and great to see his family,friends and 21 ,,band was good xxxxxxxxxx

B A wrote: 11 May 2013 04:56 AM

For everyone who has been asking,Albawest will be held at the Shore complex Nobel business park Ardeer Stevenson ka203l on the 28th -30th June.
See you there !!!

Sammy21 wrote: 07 May 2013 09:02 AM

Minted run boys sides still sore wi laughing thats just a warm up for the 50th B.G.F.

Bill Scott wrote: 07 May 2013 03:43 AM

Seen some oh you
in Dundee at weekend
just droppin in to say hi

Helen tonner wrote: 25 April 2013 05:56 AM

Thanks for the response re Ronnie. Please pass on my best wishes and that I hope life has been good to him.

Pascal lake district blue angels wrote: 23 April 2013 09:39 AM

Was good to see all the brothers in belgium, up to the 50th in alba this summer BGF

Gabor 21 wrote: 22 April 2013 10:32 AM

We thank you for the numerous presence on our 35th years on the road party.

Kirsty martin wrote: 21 April 2013 08:08 AM

Could somebody tell me when dougie moir die wee knew him years ago he was a sound guy rip dougie

Janice moir wrote: 21 April 2013 06:36 AM

Just want to say my husband douglas moir known as dougie was one of the original blue angels that started in the year 1963 passed on march the 26th 2012 gbnf i will always love u dougie

FRANK wrote: 21 April 2013 06:11 AM

A big howzit from south africa

B A wrote: 21 April 2013 03:59 AM

Kirsty,Dougie passed away in March 2012.

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